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RegenEffects is a group of orthopedic doctors and surgeons who provide comprehensive and high-quality cellular therapy as part of a treatment regime.

We offer a systematic and affordable way for you to benefit from the incredible healing results seen with cellular therapy.

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Posted Near , Lake Dallas, TX 75065

Performing a flat foot reconstruction for our patient from Lake Dallas, TX.

Posted Near , Aubrey, TX 76227

Whether you’re suffering from an injury, nerve issues, inflammation, or arthritis, our experienced team will use the latest diagnostic technology to locate the source of your problem. Treating a patient suffering from Plantar Fasciitis.

Posted Near , Rowlett, TX 75089

Discussing an amniotic fluid treatment for our patient from Rowlett, Texas, to relieve severe pain in his knees.

Posted Near , Dallas, TX 75251

Performing Wharton’s Jelly Treatment for our client from Dallas, Texas, after he went through a severe shoulder injury.

Posted Near , Lavon, TX 75166

Stem cell therapy has recently become popular in orthopedics surgery, especially in the musculoskeletal injuries.

Posted Near , Dallas, TX 75243

Musculoskeletal injuries may be painful, troublesome, life limiting and also one of the global health problems. There has been considerable amount of interest during the past two decades to stem cells and tissue engineering techniques in orthopedic surgery, especially to manage special and compulsive injuries within the musculoskeletal system.

Posted Near , Garland, TX 75042

Cell therapy aims to introduce new, healthy cells into a patient’s body, to replace the diseased or missing ones.

Posted Near , Dallas, TX 75240

Treating a hip issue for our patient from Dallas, Texas with our special amniotic fluid treatment.

Posted Near , Garland, TX 75040

Successfully treating our patient from Biceps Tenosynovitis caused by a a sports injury, with our amniotic fluid treatment.

Posted Near , Addison, TX 75001

Treating a ligament tear for our patient from Addison, Texas with our innovative Platelet-rich Plasma treatment.

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